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About the Eye Exam

At Hughes Opticians, we designed our eye exams to be extremely thorough and comfortable from start to finish. As you enter the exam room, Dr. Kerry Harbeck will have you take a seat at our Topcon Auto Refractor. The auto refraction of this pre-screening gives Dr. Harbeck a general understanding of your needed prescription. He will also gather corneal measurements if you are interested in wearing contact lenses. Next, Dr. Harbeck conducts a fine-tuning of the auto refraction to pinpoint your prescription. The minute adjustments of this manual refraction continue until your vision is crystal clear.


The doctor concludes with a health examination of your eyes that includes a glaucoma check, scan of the retina, optic nerve assessment, and a complete exterior evaluation. These preventative examinations have helped Dr. Harbeck find and treat everything from diabetes to cataracts to tumors. In many cases, these exams have saved a patient's sight.


A yearly exam with the doctor is a must for contact lens wearers, and all other patients should have their eyes examined every one to two years. With a warm sense of humor and more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Harbeck will ensure each visit is both comfortable and comprehensive.

Lab Technology

The state-of-the-art lab equipment and full-time laboratory staff at Hughes Opticians can produce complete eyewear orders in a matter of a few days. Hughes Opticians also offers lens tinting, eyeglass repair and special-order processing. Stocked with the best premium quality lenses and frames, our lab employs quality-minded and highly trained individuals who work hand-in-hand with our on-staff opticians.



Hughes Opticians houses the revolutionary eyeglass measuring system MyFit. MyFit uses photography and videography to collect a myriad of     parameter adjustments, enabling custom lenses unique to each patient.



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